How Chain-Link Border Fencing Will Benefit Your HOA Pool Construction Project

Posted on: 1 February 2016

Constructing a new HOA swimming pool is a great way to increase the perceived value of each home within the community, which in turn is sure to maximize interest among potential buyers. Swimming pools make for the perfect gathering place and allow neighbors to socialize with a game of cards or while sharing some lunch poolside. With several weeks' worth of construction to endure before the new HOA pool will be ready for use, it's a good idea to incorporate a temporary chain-link border fence around the project area – here's why:

Security of Equipment

A big benefit of using a temporary chain-link border fence throughout the swimming pool construction project is that the construction crew will be able to keep some of their tools and machinery at the job site without having to worry about it being damaged or stolen. This can save you money on the project overall, as the crew won't have to transport all of their equipment back and forth to the job site every day, which can save expenses on things such as labor and gas. It's also a good idea to have bobbed wire attached to the top of the fencing and a security camera or two installed nearby if small tools will be left at the site.

Resident Protection

Due to the natural curiosity of people, it is helpful to use border fencing in order to divide the construction zone from safe zones within the community. This will minimize the chance that someone gets hurt when walking by the work site or accidentally falls on a sharp tool that's laying on the ground near a project area. The chain-link fence will ensure that residents and children simply don't have access to the construction zone or any tools and waste that are associated with it and limits your liability when it comes to personal injury claims.

An Opportunity to Promote

By putting a border fence around your HOA pool construction area, you'll have a great opportunity to advertise special sales, service discounts, and other product promotions that you'd like residents to know about. If you plan to sell memberships to the swimming pool area once it's constructed, take the opportunity to have a banner made and advertise signup locations and costs throughout the entirety of the construction process. You may even be able to negotiate a discount on the cost of your temporary fencing or construction project by allowing the contractors you work with to advertise their services on along the fence line too.

Efficiency of Time

By putting a chain-link border fence around the pool construction area, you should find that laborers are able to maintain efficient production by reducing distractions caused by passing vehicles and pedestrians who may want to stop and chat or ask questions about the progress of construction. And with a fence in place, project managers should be able to better able to manage tasks on a day-to-day basis as everything will be contained in one place. The added privacy of a border fence will give laborers some peace during lunch breaks too.   

Containment of Trash

No matter how organized your contractors are, construction sites get messy quickly thanks to used materials and supplies, discarded packaging, and a variety of debris that comes with constructing and surfacing a swimming pool. Your border fence will help keep trash and debris contained so that it's easier to keep track of and manage. Add some privacy screen to the fence, and residents will never have to deal with passing an eyesore on their way in and out of the community each day.  

These considerations make investing in temporary chain-link fencing for your swimming pool project worth every penny. And any efforts with promotions may just pay for the fencing overall. For more information, contact a company like Global Fence, Inc.