What Are The Best Fencing Options For A Spunky Australian Shepherd?

Posted on: 1 March 2017

If you've recently acquired an Australian Shepherd pup, you may feel as though you're under pressure to come up with a fencing solution that can keep this spirited dog enclosed without leading him or her to tear up your yard in boredom or frustration. Fortunately, there are still several workable fencing options even for these tenacious pups. Read on to learn more about factors to consider when constructing an Aussie-proof fence, as well as some of your best fencing options when it comes to keeping your Aussie safe and contained. 

What will your fence need in order to be effective?

Unlike some dogs, Aussies are skilled jumpers and diggers -- which means whatever fence you choose (except perhaps an invisible electric fence) will need some reinforcement on both sides. This can mean extending the fence stakes a few feet below the surface for extra stability or even installing chain link netting at the top of your fence to help guide your Aussie back into your yard if he or she begins attempting to clear the fence with a single jump.

What fencing options are most likely to keep your Australian Shepherd contained in your yard?

There are several types of fences that can be a good option for an Australian Shepherd. 

The first is a stockade-style fence with support boards that are staggered so that no one can climb them -- from the inside or the outside. In addition to their height and sturdiness, these fences offer an opaque outer surface that will prevent your curious pup from seeing (and barking at) anything passing by on the other side. For those who live in heavily-traveled neighborhoods or who have extensive neighborhood wildlife, being able to remove from your Aussie's line of vision most of the things that would cause him or her to bark can be a sanity-saver for both you and your neighbors. 

"Invisible" fences that are buried underground and accompanied by an electronic shock collar can also be a good option for an Aussie, as long as the dog is trained to obey this fence. Because of Aussies' speed and agility, they can sometimes out-smart these electronic fences by running across the perimeter as quickly as possible so that any electric jolt is barely felt. However, with proper training, an Aussie can be taught to always obey this fence's boundaries, allowing your pup to roam freely on your property without worry. For more information, contact companies like Invisible Fence Brand by Coyner Associates.