Sand And Clean A Wooden Picket Fence Before Adding Glossy Paint And Sealer To The Wooden Structure

Posted on: 15 September 2017

Have you grown tired of the wooden picket fence that surrounds your home, because some of the boards are weathered and old, and the enclosure isn't doing anything to add beauty to your backyard? A simple upgrade you can complete involves sanding the wooden boards and applying primer to each side of them. Afterward, add a couple glossy coats of bright-colored paint before sealing the fencing with a waterproof top coat.

Materials Needed

  • drop cloths
  • power sander
  • sanding sheets
  • water hose
  • adjustabe nozzle
  • deck brush
  • detergent
  • shallow pan
  • paintbrush
  • primer
  • high-sheen paint
  • clear sealer

Sand and Clean Both Sides of the Picket Fence

Secure a fine-grit sanding sheet to a power sander. Lay drop cloths underneath and beside the picket fence to collect sanding residue and dirty substances that are removed from the fence while you are cleaning it. Inspect the fencing and move the sander over wooden surfaces that are slightly uneven. To achieve the best results, move the power sander in the direction of the wood's grain.

After both sides of the fence have been sanded, attach a power nozzle to the end of a water hose. Turn the hose on and aim the nozzle at one side of the picket fence. Use a powerful stream of water to rinse away dirt and sanding particles. If there are any stains on some of the wooden boards, fill a shallow pan with standard detergent. Dip a deck brush into the detergent and move the brush over soiled surfaces. Rinse the fence with water and wait for both sides of the fence to dry.

Apply Primer, Glossy Paint, and Sealer

Rinse the pan out and fill it with primer that has been stirred. Use a wide, angled paintbrush to apply primer to one side of the picket fence. As you apply the primer, move the bristles smoothly across the wood to prevent dripping or marks on the fence's surface. Cover the opposite side of the fence with primer when you have finished coating the initial side. After the primer has dried, rinse the pan's exterior with water and fill the container with high-sheen paint.

Cover both sides of the picket fence with the glossy, bright-colored paint. Apply even coats of paint to each side of the picket fence and wait for the high-sheen paint to dry. Afterward, use a clean paintbrush to apply clear sealer to both sides of the fence. Once the sealer has dried, the gate to the fence can be opened and closed in a normal manner.

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