Getting Your Yard Ready For Winter? 4 Steps To Winterize Your Vinyl Fence

Posted on: 10 November 2017

If you've been busy getting your yard ready for winter, don't forget to spend some time on your vinyl fence. While your vinyl fence won't require as much maintenance as a wood fence will during the winter, it will still require some occasional care. It will also need some preventative care before the cold weather arrives. To help protect your vinyl fence this winter, here are four steps you should add to your maintenance list.

Give It a Thorough Cleaning

If your vinyl fence has some dirt buildup on it, especially mud and grass stains along the lower edges, you'll need to give it a thorough cleaning before the weather turns cold. You might not realize this, but mud and grass stains are much tougher to clean off once the vinyl gets too cold. Fill a garden sprayer with water and add about a cup of grease-cutting dish detergent. Spray your fence with the cleaning solution and use your broom to scrub away the stains. For stubborn stains, you can use your kitchen scrubbing pad. Rinse your fence well with clean water.

Keep the Debris Cleared Away

If you've got trees in your yard, you're going to have your fair share of leaves during the fall. Unfortunately, if those leaves are allowed to collect along the edges of your vinyl fence, you could end up with a moldy mess. That's because the moisture that will build up under the leaves will create the perfect environment for mold. You can avoid developing a green slimy mess on your vinyl fence by clearing away the debris. 

Secure the Post Caps

If you take a look at your fence, you'll notice that each post has a separate cap attached to the top. Those post caps can come loose during heavy rainstorms or during freezing temperatures. Before winter arrives, go out and check each post cap. If they're loose, secure them with a fresh application of fence glue. To make sure they stay secure all winter long, go out about once a week and give them a little nudge. If they feel loose, apply a bit more fence glue. That way, you don't have to go out and replace them once spring arrives.

Repair Damage Early

If you've got a few minor cracks in your vinyl slats, it's a good idea to replace them before winter arrives. Those minor cracks could turn into major holes during the winter, which will give stray dogs, and other pests, easy access to your yard. If you've got extensive damage that will need to be taken care of before winter arrives, be sure to contact a PVC fencing contractor near you.