4 Reasons To Build A Fence Around The Perimeter Of Your Backyard

Posted on: 19 March 2018

Many people love having a large backyard where they can relax, play, and enjoy the outdoors. However, having a backyard without a fence can cause a variety of issues and problems. Investing in a fence around the perimeter of your backyard ca be very wise and make the area easier to enjoy. Some of the top reasons to have a fence installed in your backyard include:

Safer for Kids to Play

Anyone who has young kids knows that they have a lot of energy and love to play outside. Having a backyard makes it easy for kids to walk out the back door and start playing, but when there is not a fence in place parents have to either supervise all play time or worry about a child wandering off. Installing a fence can solve this problem-- when a backyard has a fence parents can let their children play in the backyard without any worries. 

Secure Area for Pets

Many people own dogs as pets, and dogs need to have access to the outside to use the bathroom, play, and exercise. When a backyard is not fenced, a homeowner will need to leash their dog and take them outside anytime the pup needs to potty or wants to play. Having a fenced backyard can make life much easier for dog owners, since dogs can go outside on their own without their owners worrying about them running away. It is also easy to have a dog door installed so a dog can access a fenced backyard when no one is at home.


One of the biggest perks of having a fenced backyard is the fact that a fence provides privacy. When you invest in a fence around the perimeter of your backyard, you and your family can enjoy your backyard without feeling like you're on display. It is not uncommon for people to find that they use their backyard a lot more after having a privacy fence installed.

Establish Property Lines

In suburban areas, many houses are not too far from their neighbors. Without any fencing, it can be difficult to determine where one person's property ends and someone else's begins. Installing a backyard fence is a great way to clearly establish property lines to ensure that no one accidentally uses your property or builds anything on land that actually belongs to you. Before a fence is installed, a fence company, like Canyon  Fence Co, will consult plat maps to ensure that the fence is built right on your property line.