3 Tips To Improve Dog Fences To Prevent Frustrating Escapes And Complaints

Posted on: 27 November 2018

When you have a dog that is an escape artist, it can be frustrating chasing them through the streets or receiving complaints about them. To stop your dog from being a frustrating escape artist, you will want to do improvements to your fence. Depending on the type of materials you use, there are different options for improvements. Here are some of the dog fence improvements to consider for stop the escapes and complaints.

1. Improving Chain-Link Fencing To Stop Your Dog From Constantly Escaping

Chain-link fencing can be one of the fence materials that animals manage to escape from most. This is often due to the fence being installed poorly and dogs being able to easily create holes in fencing materials. To ensure your dog does not escape from chain-link fences, you will want to make sure that the chain-link materials are pulled tight and have the appropriate tensioning systems. You may also want to consider fastening the base of the fence to prevent digging beneath the fence materials.

2. Better Fence Base For Wood Fencing And Digging Dogs That Escape

A better base for your fence can be installed with the use of various hardscaping materials. Some of the materials that you should consider include pavers or concrete materials at the base of the fence. Gravel can be another good material to use but may not deter the most determined diggers from escaping beneath the base of the fence. The wood fence can also be installed on top of a lower brick, concrete, or stone foundation that will prevent dogs from digging beneath the fence or squeezing through openings.

3. Iron And Metal Fence Installations That Prevent Dogs From Escaping

Iron and other metal materials often have problems like gaps between materials or at the base of fencing. If you want to prevent dogs from escaping, there are some improvements that can be done, such as installing a concrete base or masonry and brick features that fill gaps and cover holes that allow for dogs to escape. You may also want to consider a combination of other practical materials like chain-link fencing to prevent dogs from escaping areas that are mainly enclosed with rod iron or metal fencing materials.

These are some dog fence improvements to help prevent escapes and complaints. If you need help with the improvements to stop your dog from escaping, visit websites such as http://www.4cornersfencingco.com, or contact a dog fence service and talk to them about some of these solutions.